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Name:a hakuoki dressing room
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a dark-themed hakuoki dressing room

There is a legend that came into popularity at the height of the Bakumatsu, when the tide finally broke in favor of the Imperialist armies. People began to whisper of a prosperous village far in the mountains, which was a great center of trade and commerce despite its relative isolation. Their waters teemed with plump fish, and their fields swelled heavy with produce. The forest gods must have loved that village dearly, as their woodland creatures were ever tame, and the livestock of the farmers thrived. It was truly a blessed place to live, and the people there were generous and kind.

However, as the country devolved into a power struggle between the Imperialists and Shogunate forces and everything in between, fortune began to abandon the village and its people. Few travelers passed through their mountain as the war dragged on. Their fields dried up and their animals sickened. The fish swam away from the shore. The peoples' hearts began to whither the same as their bodies as they watched their village decay alongside the old ways of their nation.

Then, one night, thick fog swallowed up the village whole. When it lifted again the next day, all that was left where that village once stood was a vast, empty field. From that day forth, travelers began to warn one another never to stray when the fog set in. They recounted stories of companions who were lured by a voice into the darkness, never to be seen again.

It's said that the village became so hollow and full of hate that the land itself died, and now the village is cursed to forever weave in and out of reality, luring in those whose fates have been consumed by an unforgiving future.


Welcome to the Hakuoki Dressing Room! This is your typical jamjar-style fandom DR, set in an slightly supernatural abandoned ghost town much in the spirit of the series itself. Essentially your character will find themselves lured into thick fog by a haunting tailored to lure in that specific character exactly, only to stumble out on the other side in a run-down village they can't seem to leave. Details on the setting can be found in the links below. Come on in and stay a while! There's plenty of carousing, mischief, and bloodshed to be had by all. (Not necessarily in that order.)


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We also have an OOC comm over at [community profile] hakuokiooc!

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